And who, does he think, pray . . .

December 30th, 2006 § no comments

. . . gave Maggie Thatcher all those years in power? The British working class – not to be confused with the left-wing intelligentsia who reliably voted Labour over the years – loved her, because her bread and circuses policies were designed to keep them believing that they were being helped to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Just like Dubya and the Red States.

Bye-bye freedom fifty-five

December 30th, 2006 § no comments

The woman is nuts. She’ll be nearly seventy years old during the Terrible Twos, which I and my child barely survived, and me in the flowering of my mid-30s! In her case, she’ll be trying to cope with the Frightful Fours, having borne twins. When I get to my 70s, I want to be a grandmother, in the blessed position of being happy to have the grandchildren visit, and even happier to see them leave.


December 22nd, 2006 § no comments

Talk about being scarred for life!

In the aquarium at the Garden Hotel, Williamsville NY

December 20th, 2006 § no comments

I’ve seen lots of people who look like fish, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a fish that looks like a person.

And I swear it has nothing whatsoever to do with this.

What a shame . . .

December 20th, 2006 § no comments

. . . that he couldn’t make it to the denial-palooza in Teheran.


We’ve come a long way from “dog bites man”

December 18th, 2006 § no comments

Here’s my nomination for one of this year’s Darwin Awards.


December 15th, 2006 § no comments


According to KSJ Tracker there is a plan to loop out a glass-bottomed skywalk, 4,000 ft above the Grand Canyon. Barf bag, anyone?

Never trust a bird in a tux!

December 14th, 2006 § no comments


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