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  • Jan says:

    ROFL – I did!

    Now I want a large sack and a stick…

  • I’d like to see Dara O’Brien explain how every time there’s a doctor’s strike, the death rate in that country drops dramatically though.

    Sure plenty of alternative stuff is hokum and its practitioners quacks, but there’s just as many incompentant doctors who really are killing and maiming people with their much stronger potions. At least most patients survive homeopathy, whether it does them any good or not. And most alternative practitions are following the Hippocratic Oath that all doctors used to have to swear upon graduating ‘First, do no harm.’

    Which isn’t to say Mr O’Brien is not an amusing Devil’s Advocate.

  • Duchess says:

    I think “Get in the sack!” is going to be my new saying.

    Meanwhile, I goggled 10 symptoms you should not ignore, in case I had any, because, as you may remember, I am the Worried Well.

    It seems the list varies. My favourite had as the number one symptom you should not ignore: “Trouble seeing, speaking or moving”.

    Only I am thinking it might be hard to do a lot about that symptom, under the circumstances…

  • Oh Tessa, you have no idea how much I needed that very appropriate laugh this week. There’s a story in there, I just can’t tell it. *sigh*

  • Love this guy, Tessa.

  • Hattie says:

    Really great,and I like it that he got the priests in there.

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