It’s been a long road, baby . . .

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. . . and we ain’t there yet!

Clinton as Obama’s first challenge?

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There’s an interesting row brewing over Obama’s supposed choice of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. It’s perhaps best laid out by Al Giordano, in a post on HuffPo, in which he quotes some of the many voices being raised pro and con.

He does not mention the fact that Henry Kissinger has bestowed his seal of approval on HRC as SoS. But having a war criminal in her corner is probably not something Clinton supporters should boast about.

There’s a very interesting suggestion buried in the following from Giordano’s post:

There are better uses and positions for someone of the undeniable talent of Senator Clinton in your cabinet, or even on the Supreme Court, but the discretion and diplomacy required of the next Secretary of State to undo the grave messes already created cannot, should not, must not be placed in the hands of someone who – even if it is through little or no fault of her own – is a magnet for the kind of media circus that the mere suggestion of her appointment has drawn already.

Hillary for the Supreme Court! Now that’s a bloody brilliant idea, IMHO.

Me and Obama both

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It seems my predilection for washing dishes places me in very good company. In his Nielsen-busting interview with 60 Minutes last Sunday, Barack Obama confessed that he finds it soothing to do the dishes. But then Michelle had to go and spoil it all by asking “When was it ever soothing for you to wash the dishes?” Hush your mouth, woman. You’re screwing with the dream!

McCain trades his principles for dross one more time

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This post by Max Bernstein on HuffPo is worth repeating in toto:

Leading up to last Tuesday, it became no secret that the principles, character and integrity that once made John McCain the Republican that Democrats didn’t totally hate were for sale, and cheap. If there was any question whether it was temporary ambition-driven insanity or a true transformation into villainhood, it was squashed by the wheels of Sen. McCain’s plane when it hit the runway today in Georgia.

Now, hiring Karl Rove, who eight years prior masterminded a rumor that McCain had fathered an illegitimate black child to sink his campaign, is unprincipled. Making nice with Jerry Falwell, who blamed gays and abortionists for 9/11, and whom McCain rightly once called an agent of intolerance, is at the very least opportunistic. It’s not excusable to do these things in order to tweak the odds of your shot at the presidency, but at least it follows some kind of sensible thought pattern. So what the hell is John McCain doing in Georgia?

As always, offering his support to a lowlife he once had nothing good to say about.

Saxby Chambliss has been employed as a U.S. Senator for six years due to a very successful ad campaign that painted Max Cleland, a man whose seat in the Senate was a wheelchair due to having left three limbs on the battlefield in Vietnam, as a friend of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. I plagiarized most of that last sentence though… from John McCain:

“I’d never seen anything like that ad. Putting pictures of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden next to the picture of a man who left three limbs on the battlefield — it’s worse than disgraceful. It’s reprehensible.”

John McCain is in Georgia today helping Chambliss defeat another Vietnam vet, Jim Martin, who he faces in a runoff election on December 2nd. Clearly, when John McCain says something bad about you, it means he’ll be helping you out a few years down the line. The maestros conducting the South Carolina calls in 2000? According to McCain they deserved “a special place in hell,” which must have been his 2008 campaign war room, since it became their place of employment. “Disgraceful and reprehensible?” Start the plane!

I don’t know if John McCain’s memory is starting to go and 2000-2002 is just a bit fuzzy, if he got so used to pissing away his principles for the good of the party that by now it’s just reflexive, or some combination of the two — but I do know this: Jim Martin has decency and honor on his side, and Saxby Chambliss has John McCain.

John McCain just got his ass whupped by decency and honor, but that decency and honor was well-bankrolled. Jim Martin needs some help bankrolling his. DotPAC has set up a fundraising page for Jim Martin on ActBlue in the name of vengeance for Max Cleland. We can add defeating John McCain to its raison d’etre, since once just wasn’t enough.

Let’s beat John McCain again, and restore some honor to Max Cleland’s seat.

Give him the bum’s rush

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Interesting story from Talking Points Memorandum today.

I know that Obama has spoken many times about a bipartisan effort being needed to get the US out of the mess Dubya and his pals created. And bygones should be bygones, yadda yadda.

But Joe Lieberman is another stinking kettle of fish altogether. He not only championed McCain and Missus Palin, he gave rabble rousing speeches to crowds of redneck bigots about Obama being anti-Israel, and willing to lose a war in order to win an election, and he backed Missus Palin’s meandering about Obama hobnobbing with turrists.

There is absolutely no way that he should be allowed to keep his position as chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. This is not about payback. If he sincerely believed all the drivel he spouted on the McCain campaign trail, a fear monger like Lieberman should not be allowed within a donkey’s roar of any committee to do with any kind of security. If it’s important to keep him in caucus, put him in charge of the committee to count paper clips, and make sure he will never have a say in security matters again.

Eugene Allen: butler extraordinaire

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I thought I’d finished with crying over Barack Obama’s election to President. And then I read this WaPo story and the waterworks opened again. And it wasn’t just the story’s ending that set me off. – Yes We Can song

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If you can watch this without tearing up, you’re a stronger person than I am.

Welcome back, America

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And, had John McCain spoken during the campaign as he so graciously did tonight, during his concession speech, perhaps the election might have turned out differently.

But OMG, the body language between McCain and his running mate, and between McCain and his wife, as he left the podium was unmistakable. No PDAs there!

And so to bed . . .

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